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Information and discussion about the proposed RPMA Black Hawk County wind farm.

Down Wind is the explosive documentary that examines Ontario's controversial rush into industrial wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces' green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines.  The documentary also reveals the staggering economic costs of these wind farms to taxpayers with huge subsidies going to big wind corporations.


In Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, in spite of what wind developers and wind lobbyists say, the 1000 foot setback is not a sufficient distance between homes and wind turbines that are 40 stories tall. There are indeed problems with noise and shadow flicker at this distance. Ask people in the town of Byron in Fond du Lac what they think of the 1000 foot setback.​

Negative Impacts

A growing anti-wind movement says giant turbines have gone up without sufficient research into health impacts. In the rush to embrace wind power, have the people who live among the wind farms been forgotten?

Rural Landscapes

There's a huge disconnect between the friendly portrayal of wind turbines and what they're actually doing to nature. Some people refuse to even believe their own eyes and ears. With over 250,000 installed circa 2015, industrial wind turbines are the most widely visible rural construction projects, yet their impact is excused with "clean" energy rhetoric. Growing visual blight and noise is DIRTY! A landscapes-be-damned attitude is no more intelligent than climate denial. It's immoral to sacrifice millions of acres of scenery for marginal reductions in CO2. Rooftop solar is a much greener option that minimizes our total footprint in line with true environmentalism.

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