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Cedar Valley Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy

Senators Zaun, Nunn and Quirmbach,

The Coalition for Rural Property Rights is a statewide, grassroots group of Iowa’s rural citizens. Citizens who have had their rights ignored by their local county Supervisors, and are now surrounded by industrial wind turbines and other citizens who are fighting to remain free from the detrimental health hazards of industrial wind turbine projects.

We are asking you to hear our pleas.

Wind energy companies large or small operate from the same playbook of secret meetings and strong arm tactics to get farmers (many that are elderly) to sign up for these projects in an attempt to show overwhelming support from rural areas. When in reality, as it becomes public knowledge, there are many times more citizens against the industrial wind projects than what there are for them. 

Ask yourself, why do wind energy companies pay land owners (in many cases, not farmers) 20, 30 maybe even 40 times current land rental rates?

Ask yourself, why do wind energy companies require basically a gag order on the land owners and the farm tenant?

Ask yourself, have I actually read one of these easement contracts that land owners and farm tenants are required to sign?

Are we really going to look the other way just for money? Everything else be damned, because we're getting tax revenues?

There is an uprising that is happening against industrial wind. Citizen's concerns are being ignored by their own elected county officials and so these citizens are being forced to seek out the help from the courts. Citizens in Fayette County recently won a case in the Iowa Supreme Court against a wind energy company and the court upheld dismantling the turbines.

Black Hawk County citizens have filed a lawsuit challenging the county Board of Adjustments right to issue a "special use permit" is actually a violation of Iowa State Code 335.2

In Madison County a coalition of resident landowners has sued the County over failure to abide by the County's Zoning Ordinance as written.  It is the State of Iowa Supreme Court that has held the three items must be met in order to lawfully grant a Variance or Special Use permit.  Those conditions (which our suit alleges were never met) include a.) Hardship where the owner cannot make a living using the ground as currently used/zoned, b.) Will not cause harm to neighbors, and c.) Will not change the nature of the neighboring property - including views, noise, traffic, etc.

Palo Alto County citizens have filed a lawsuit to seek the courts to have the Iowa Utilities Board live by the rules that were established to protect Iowa citizens. Rules that have been swayed and softened to allow industrial wind little or no requirements of public notification before building these electrical generating facilities.

Senators, these are not farms. No grain, no livestock. They produce electricity. Let's call them what they are. Electrical generating facilities.

Iowa is the only state that has not allowed its residents within projects to have a voice about their fate. Missouri's Clinton County banned industrial wind after their lawyers went head to head with NextEra.  Michigan's Thumb is allowed a referendum vote. In 18 out of the last 18 votes industrial wind has been banned or restricted so much they cannot build. Vermont has required industrial wind to be no louder than 39 dBA at night, 100 feet from any residence. This has effectively shut down development there. 17 counties in Indiana have now banned or restricted industrial wind. Citizens are fighting off industrial wind in Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Oklahoma and any other place industrial wind is proposed.

We have reams of documentation to support our concerns. Documentation from doctors, scientists, audiologists, and citizens who have or are living beneath turbines. Testimonies from people who have been driven from their homes because of health issues caused by wind turbines. Brown County, Wisconsin has declared industrial wind turbines a health hazard. Most importantly these people are not receiving money to report their findings. Can wind energy companies honestly make that statement?

We understand the State's desire for tax revenue. We just ask for the State to hear our concerns and provide the citizens of rural Iowa protection from industrial wind companies.

Allow our Coalition ample time to speak to the Iowa Senate before any vote is taken on a setback bill. Greater setbacks would go a long way to protect the health and well-being of Iowa citizens. We know that greater setbacks would also require consent of the residents who live there and farm the land so we expect the wind industry will lobby hard for shorter setbacks.

May we suggest at this time a reading of our Iowa Constitution, Article 1, Section 1: All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain inalienable rights- among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursue and obtaining safety and happiness.

We cannot think of a better description of why The Coalition for Rural Property Rights stands before you at this time.

We ask you to uphold the oath you have taken to support and defend our Constitution.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Harold Youngblut

Black Hawk County

Coalition for Rural Property Rights executive board member


Janna Swanson

Clay County

Coalition for Rural Property Rights president

National Wind Watch Board member

Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance member


Iowa soybean group endorses wind turbine minimum distance changes.


Language was approved Dec. 14, supporting half a mile set backs from an established residence and a quarter mile from property lines.

Black Hawk County wind farm opponents go to court


Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier reports on ongoing court case.   Lawyers from both sides present their case.

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Another broken Iowa turbine near Beaman, IA. 3rd Blade is laying somewhere in the cornfield...

This is 4 miles south of Beaman, just west of the intersection of T29 and 140th St. 42.

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